Hotels in Brighton

Why book hotels in Brighton? Well Brighton is one of the loveliest seaside and holiday destinations in the UK. In the summer months there are thousands of tourists crowding the beaches and piers of the sunny city. You can join in for a dip in the sea or simply work on your sun tan whilst you lounge in a traditional striped deck chair!

Brighton beach

You can book into Brighton hotels with a sea view close to the beach or you may prefer a hotel further into the city. There are loads of Brighton hotel deals to choose from but they can soon disappear so be sure not to miss out!


More about Brighton

Away from the seaside you can enjoy a wonderful pier packed with gift shops, lively arts, arcades, cafes, busy nightlife scenes and more! Once in Brighton you will also find that everything is in easy walking distance too so why don't you take a bit of extra time to enjoy and explore its eccentric settings. Find out more about cheap hotels in Brighton.