Brighton Hotels

Welcome to the Brighton hotels sction. Here you can find more information about hotels, bed and breakfasts, attractions and things to do whilst visiting the vibrant south coastal holiday destination.

Brighton has so much to offer and never fails to entertain it's millions of guests each year. Read on to see why you should visit sunny Brighton for your summer break.


Brighton Hotels / B&B's

You can always find a wide selection of tradional hotels in Brighton. Choose from 3* sea-front bed and breakfasts from as little as £29 per night, or go for a more luxury 4/5* hotelloser to the town centre from just £69 per night. Brighton hotels have always offered that great British holiday feeling where you can enjoy a relaxing family break or a weekend away from home.

Our recommended hotels include:

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Brighton Attractions

There's so much to pack your holiday with when staying in Brighton hotels. From sun bathing at the beach whilst enjoying a tasty ice- cream; to taking a trip around the cities historic settings and learning about it's great heritage - you'll never get bored. You can pre-book day trips out as well as a number of activities before you arrive so that you don't have to waste any time when you get to your hotel.

Our favourite choice of activity has to be the City Sightseeing bus tours. Tickets range from £3.00 per child to £8.00 per adult, or you can get a great deal with a family ticket from £18.00.

Want to find out even more about why you should book Brighton hotels? Then please feel free to contact us here and we will be pleased to answer any questions that you may have. Otherwise, we wish you a very happy stay whilst in Brighton this year.